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Mon-Fri:    9 am - 7 pm

Sat:         11 am - 5 pm

Sun:        11 am - 5 pm

•  Computer Repairs/Upgrades/Services/Health Checks/Tune-Ups/Cleans

•  Game Console Repairs (PS3/PS4/PS5/XBOX 360/XBOX One/XBOX Series X/XBOX Series S)

•  Data Recovery/Data Backup

•  Operating System Installations

•  Operating System Repair/Recovery

•  Anti-Virus Protection

•  Virus Removals

•  Game Console HDMI Port Repair/Replacement

•  Private Computer Tuition (For Computer Beginners)

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JPJ Computers has provided computer repairs and services in the Reading area since 1999. Our services include:-


Computer Repairs, Game Console Repairs, Computer Upgrades, Computer Health Checks, Computer Parts, Data Recovery, Data Backup, Hard Disk Repairs, Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal, Windows Operating System Repair/Recovery, Software Installations, Anti-Virus Protection, Windows Operating System Installations, Computer Clean/Tune-up, Wireless/Wired Internet Setup, E-mail Setup, Reseting Windows Login Password and Private Computer Tuition (For Computer Beginners).


We also provide a 'Data Recovery' service, where we can recover your documents, photos, videos and music. The 'recovered data' can then be 'backed up' (transferred) onto a suitable media

(e.g. an external USB hard disk or an internal hard disk or a USB pen drive or a CD/DVD).


Both our Upgrade or Computer Clean/Tune-up services can increase your computers speed and improve its overall performance as well as reduce/remove 'noise'.


The typical faults we encounter and resolve are:-


Laptops with faulty (screens/keyboards/DC power sockets/hard disks/DVD drives/memory/AC power adapters/cooling fans/windows operating systems). Computers that (have virus infections/will not power on/will not connect to the internet via wireless or wired ethernet connection/lock-up/re-start/do not load to windows desktop screen/have blue screen errors/have over-heating problems). Game Consoles with (HDMI/DVD drive/hard disk/power supply/cooling fan/motherboard/power-up/start-up/over-heating/wireless internet connection/wired ethernet connection/wireless controller connection) faults.


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